Being a storyteller is one of the most important aspects of being who I am. I can’t actually remember a time when I wasn’t searching for expression in some way or another. Either in an art class, a drama-rehearsal space, or reading books at an alarming rate. I think all of these listed forms of expression (and a few more) really helped me make sense of the world in ways that I found cathartic and beautiful, through story.

Club x cover story

ClubX met up with Buhle Ngaba, author of the children’s book The Girl Without a Sound, only to find that no muzzle can silence her strength.


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Marie claire naked issue

In the September issue, Marie Claire launched its 2018 #DearBody New Naked campaign in partnership with American Swiss and entirely curated by women, for women. An exclusive exhibition was held at the Berman Contemporary Gallery, where selected images from the shoot were exhibited and sold with all proceeds from the sales going to Women + Men against Child Abuse – a non-profit Child Protection Organization committed to fighting for the rights of the child.