To MC is to lead an audience through a journey curated by a collaborator or company… my job as MC is to take whatever is envisioned and offer that to the audience. Naturally, my skills as a writer and actor do help by way of generating content and performance, but I would say it is a persona I invest in as a job of its own.

MC of Hyundai Kona Studio at Afropunk Johannesburg (2019)

“In 2018, Buhle was the MC of the KONA studio lounge; a collaboration between AFROPUNK and Hyundai at Constitution Hill, Johannesburg. Afropunk fans were invited to take part in experiencing 3 cities through music, food and cocktails events over the weekend.”

MC of Design Indaba Conference, South Africa (2018)

“The Design Indaba Conference brings together the people using design and innovation to create a better world. Known as the conference on creativity, Design Indaba’s flagship event has evolved into so much more than a conference. More than a talk shop, it’s an immersive experience that includes not only a series of design talks by creative industry heavyweights, but also live music, performance and theatre, fashion shows, product launches, dance, and surprise appearances by creative industry leaders.”

MC of Design Indaba Antenna Conference, Eindhoven (2018)

“The Antenna conference is a platform for young, international design talent initiated by Design Indaba and Dutch Design Week, distinguished by their ideas that respond to the worlds most pressing issues. The conference provides a platform for emerging graduates who are creating designs with the potential to change the world for the better.”


Buhle tells the story of how she became an author quite by accident over the space of a few short weeks. In a surprise twist, her personalised gift to an aunt turned into an overnight children’s literature sensation as a crowd queued online to download it. This incredible demand signalled the importance of demographically relevant protagonists in children’s books particularly, as imagination begins in infancy where it needs to be nurtured and encouraged by characters that the child can directly relate to. Her work – on stage, on paper and in action – is focused on women’s rights and issues of representation within the arts. The Girl Without A Sound, was devised as an act of restoring power and agency to young black girls in South Africa and to address the lack of representation of black protagonists in children’s literature internationally. “To dream of roles as a black woman is to accept responsibility as the writer of those roles,” Buhle says, as she engages with that responsibility in action every day.