Buhle tells the story of how she became an author quite by accident over the space of a few short weeks. In a surprise twist, her personalised gift to an aunt turned into an overnight children’s literature sensation as a crowd queued online to download it. This incredible demand signalled the importance of demographically relevant protagonists in children’s books particularly, as imagination begins in infancy where it needs to be nurtured and encouraged by characters that the child can directly relate to. Her work – on stage, on paper and in action – is focused on women’s rights and issues of representation within the arts. The Girl Without A Sound, was devised as an act of restoring power and agency to young black girls in South Africa and to address the lack of representation of black protagonists in children’s literature internationally. “To dream of roles as a black woman is to accept responsibility as the writer of those roles,” Buhle says, as she engages with that responsibility in action every day.